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GGB Annecy 74 Frankreich

Production unit of 27 000 m² in Annecy
GGB Annecy France

Art des Gebäudes

Geschäftssektor des Benutzers

Design / turnkey construction

Oberfläche 27 000 M²

Entworfen und produziert von GSE

The GGB group entrusted the design and the construction of its production unit of 27,000 m² in Annecy.

The factory produces parts used in large part in the automotive industry, with all the complexities and no-disruption supply in the assembly lines imposed by the international manufacturers, obligations fulfilled by GSE.


Building specificities:

  • 10 000 m² total upgrade of the existing factory
  • 10 000 m² of a new production factory
  • 2 000 m² of a surface treatment unit
  • 3 000 m² of utility production building construction with effluent treatment unit
  • 2 000m² of offices, research and development and social places building


The site has been kept in operation during the entire construction period. GSE has been able to organize this work in 13 different intervention phases, with between each production tools transfer phase organized in coordination between GSE and GGB.