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Pôle Emploi Redim Alès 30 Frankreich

Office building, exclusive CECODIA® concept
Pole emploi Alès - Bâtiment de bureaux, concept exclusif CECODIA
Pôle Emploi

Building owner

Art des Gebäudes
Gebäude für Dienstleistungs- und Freizeiteinrichtungen

Geschäftssektor des Benutzers

Design / turnkey construction

Oberfläche 1 290 m²

Entworfen und produziert von GSE


As part of its deployment across the French territory, POLE EMPLOI (French Employment Agency) entrusted the construction of their Alès offices to CCR.

These offices were completed in accordance with the exclusive CECODIA® concept, designed and developed by CCR.

REDIM, an entity of the GSE Group, provided POLE EMPLOI with a rental solution.



CECODIA®, sustainability and well-being at work for SMEs

Ten years' experience and technical expertise in the design and construction of office buildings resulted in the CÉCODIA® concept: sustainability and well-being at work at a competitive price. Forward-thinking in terms of compliance with HQE standards, the CÉCODIA concept has proven its worth with more than 20,000m² of buildings constructed across the French territory. Find out more.


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