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Becton Dickinson Le Pont de Claix 38 Frankreich

Renovation of 2,100m² of a glass syringe production unit to be fully compliant with GMPs
Becton Dickinson  Le Pont de Claix 38 Frankreich
Becton Dickinson

Art des Gebäudes

Geschäftssektor des Benutzers

Design / turnkey construction

Oberfläche 2,100m²


Entworfen und produziert von GSE

Becton Dickinson, a US medical equipment company, faced with the obsolescence of their glass syringe production unit, decided to modernise their building.

They entrusted GSE Design & Build with this renovation project. In addition to conforming with regulatory developments, this building had to comply with energy efficiency standards. This project was completed while the site was occupied.

This production unit is LEED certified, a North American system which promotes and encourages ecological construction.  


Specific characteristics of the building:

  • Development and equipping of laboratories
  • Unclassified clean room
  • Special fluids