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Ekyog Attitude Developpement Rennes 35 Frankreich

Construction of 825m² environmentally responsible offices
Ekyog  Attitude Developpement  Rennes  35 Frankreich

Building owner
Attitude Developpement

Art des Gebäudes
Büros und verwaltungen

Geschäftssektor des Benutzers

Design / turnkey construction

Oberfläche 825 m²

Entworfen und produziert von GSE


EKYOG, the first organic and fair trade clothing brand, entrusted the construction of their new offices to CCR to improve the company's environmentally friendly image and enhance accessibility.

This project, financed by Attitude Développement on behalf of Ekyog, was completed in accordance with the CECODIA® concept of environmentally responsible buildings. 


Specific characteristics of the building: 

  • Energy capture
  • Rainwater recovery
  • Dual-flow ventilation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Offices
  • Showroom