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Institut Français du Pétrole Solaize Frankreich

Research and Development Centre of 19 000 m² in Solaize – Frankreich
Institut Français du Pétrole

Art des Gebäudes
Forschungs- und entwicklungszentren / labors / gesundheit

Geschäftssektor des Benutzers

Design / turnkey construction

Oberfläche 19 000 m²

Entworfen und produziert von GSE


As part of transfer of its Research and Development activity on the site of Solaize (69), the French Petroleum Institute has entrusted GSE to construct a building for laboratories and offices and a pilot hall of industrial implementation.


This operation presents a certain number of specificities:

  • Controlled atmosphere Research Laboratories (static condition, anti-vibration zones, temperature and specific humidity ...)
  • Distribution of special fluids (nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium, ...)
  • Completion date reduced: 12 months
  • Intervention on a busy and classified site in the heart of oil installations of South Lyon,
  • Installations of part of the laboratory equipment (benches, fume cupboard and specific extraction).


Building specificities

  • 130 electrical cabinets "laboratories"
  • 370 sensors of explosimetry
  • 785 fire detector heads
  • More than 2 000 RJ 4S connections for computer and telephony
  • Cooling capacity: 3 MW (2 absorption groups of 1.5 MW each)
  • Heat Production of 6.5 MW (2 boilers of 2.5 MW and use of an absorption band in heating mode)
  • Flow of fresh treated air: laboratories building: 450 000 m³/h / pilot hall building: 72 000 m³/h
  • 193 fume cupboards installed with individual extraction.