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IDI GAZELEY – ADIDAS Rieste - Germany

A 75,000 m² high-bay warehouse

ADIDAS, Europe’s leading manufacturer of sporting goods, wanted to concentrate its European logistics in a single distribution centre.
This project, financed by IDI Gazeley, is a 75,000 m² high-bay warehouse including 5,300 m² of offices and social premises. The building is Germany’s first high-bay building (36 metres high on a footprint of 23,000 m²) and the ADIDAS Group’s largest logistics centre in the world.
This building obtained the HQE environmental certificate.

Project :

High-bay warehouse

User’s line of business :

Consumer goods

Floor area :

75 000 m²

Certificate :


From the beginning of the collaboration, the building design has been optimised thanks to the GSE know-how, either technically or financially. Commitments were made, the deadlines were met, project developments and additional work were carried out according to the plan.
Adrian Künzel, Regional Manager, Group Corporate Real Estate Adidas AG